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Material of conductor: Standard Tinned Copper

Rated Temperature: 105°C

Rated Voltage: 300V

Material of insulaton: TPE

The environmental alternative. BMA Technologies are manufacturers of a range of non PVC cables, helping businesses reduce the cost to the planet of their doing business. For those business who prioritise their responsibility to the planet, our range is for you. While recyclable several times, PVC has a limited lifespan, and ultimately will end up in landfills around the world. In addition, all PVC is derived from petroleum, creating demand for fossil fuels. If you’re concerned about making your company a market leader in green technology, we have the solution for you. Our range helps to break your operations out of the cycle, providing a broad range of cleaner alternatives that help you achieve your business goals without taxing our planet. Take a look at our catalogue and discover a smarter approach to consumables with BMA Technologies.

Better cables for our clients

Work with a leader in cable manufacturing. BMA Technologies offers our customers a superior class of service. With the ability to extrude cable on site, we offer our clients a custom solution to their needs, allowing them to find precisely the product their project requires. Extensive experience in custom cable molding design allows us to develop a bespoke solution for each of our clients, ensuring optimal results for your project. Flexible minimum order quantities make it easy to get the quantity you require, so start a conversation with our team to learn how we could support you. Contact us today and partner with a leader in cable manufacturing.

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