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UL1007 Cable

UL1007 Cable.

Material of conductor: Standard Tinned Copper

Rated Temperature: 80°C

Rated Voltage: 300V

Material of insulaton: PVC

BMA Technologies is proud to be a leading manufacturer Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified cable, ensuring that your product is one step closer to entering the lucrative US and Canadian market. Essential in the creation of electronics of every description, our UL cable is a cost-effective solution for operations of every size, available in a range of configurations and in bulk quantities to meet even the largest demands.

Whether you’re building plant and equipment for export or looking to supply bespoke components to individual manufacturers, we have the solution for you. BMA Technologies extrude UL certified cable on site at our factory to our client’s specifications, ensuring a better quality product with minimised costs. Our flexible minimal order quantities make it simple and easy to find the products you need in any volume. Start a conversation with our team today to begin the process.

The superior choice in cable manufacturing 

Established in 2009, BMA Technologies has quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer of cables of every description and for every application. We’re proud to recognised as a leading manufacturer of cabling and wiring for a range of industries, delivering the consistency, the quality and the cost-efficacy your organisation needs. 

Ensure that you’re working with the very best and browse our expansive catalogue, including products for both internal and intermachine wiring. Make an enquiry for any of our cables today, or get in touch with our team today with any questions. Submit an enquiry via our contact form and one of our staff will respond as soon as possible. 



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